Ladies, Gentlemen and Space Aliens,

Welcome to Eat The Roses, my little private stomping ground on the internet, where I write about things that interest me (and hopefully other people) – things such as food, the buying, handling, preparation and joy of eating thereof, and my convictions about such in terms of nutrition, science and pure happiness.

This isn’t a dedicated food blog (though food is a central topic, being that I love it so dearly), nor, indeed, a dedicated-anything blog aside from whatever I feel like writing. So I do write about food, and some science, and nature, and I also write random and very opinionated rants on a variety of subjects, and post pretty pictures when I feel like it. I am happy to teach people anything I know about food and cooking, so by all means, do ask me questions if you have any, or offer advice if you feel it is warranted. To know what we do not know is the beginning of wisdom, so if I do not know something about something which interests me, I am always happy to learn.

Stay, read, enjoy, cook, eat, be happy!