Of Weather and Workload

The busy part of the year in my workplace is coming to its end–in just about a week, in fact.  The last major audit, and then it’s all over but the cleaning up for the time being.  Or well, perhaps I exaggerate a bit–there’s always work, but the amount of it varies from insane to reasonable, and the scales are about to tip towards the latter.

In retrospective, I can see that when they tipped towards the former earlier this year, and it being my first year in the workplace, I let this blog slip through the cracks and focused on getting enough sleep in-between work and all the other things which happened.  But as the saying goes, “this, too, shall pass” and in the meantime I am looking forward to a long Northwestern English spring and a bit more time on my hands.

Time to dust off the few drafts laying about in my folders and finish them, then.  It’s been a while since I have done any serious writing.


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