Over Lunch, And Liverpool Skyline

The day had dawned very bright and clear, but over the early afternoon hours, it has turned misty, if not heavily overcast, the sort of afternoon that demands clearing one’s head over a large mug of coffee and some staring at the tower of the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral in the pale silver haze.  Today in particular, considering the stress of the previous week, I feel rather happy for the view.  So many people I know these days spend their working hours (that’s most of your waking time!) in relatively windowless offices.  That, no matter which way you turn it, simply can’t be good for one’s well-being.  Or at least not for mine.  Not that many people can do anything about the situation, really, but it is rather sad.

So, I’ve spent the lunch break over a box of Puy lentil salad with olive oil, sauteed onions and courgettes and smoked Spanish paprika, alternating between window-staring, and stabbing at a draft of a post I have been planning for ages – or, rather, breaking the draft of the post up into a series of such, since during a recent discussion it became clear I can’t fit it all into anything resembling a concise entry without that.

The proper food and coffee had their effect, and now I am feeling a lot more alive, and am also in possession of a nearly finished introductory post draft, which I will take a look at this evening.  Deep breath and back to work.


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