A Weekend Without Plans

I have no plans made at all for the coming weekend.

There are several reasons for that, despite my general hyperactive bouncing modus operandi that usually causes me to have too many rather than none – not the least of which being that it is Friday and I am exhausted after the sort of week I’ve had, the Boyfriend™ is out at a conference as of this morning and till Sunday afternoon, and I miss him.  The weather is promised to be good, and I have no pressing errands to run.

Which means that I will spend the weekend mostly sleeping, reading and writing (may actually finally finish the post about heat transfer surfaces I’ve struggled with for a week!), and cooking cold-weather comfort food.  Not sure what yet, but probably a hearty soup or stew.  I am a firm believer in relaxing when you need not be focused, and in treating yourself when you have been good or when life and its contents have been acting uncooperatively in some manner.  Not sure that spending some hours puttering around the kitchen and watching a pot of something simmer is everyone’s idea of R&R, but on some days, it definitely is mine.

I would like to, at some point this weekend, take a notebook and go enjoy a hot drink at Brew, my favourite city-centre cafe.   For all I often say that United Kingdom is not my favourite country to live in, living in Liverpool has been rather good for me, and there are many places I will miss when I pick myself up to move, and Brew will be one of those.

In any case, what matters, egocentrically, to me is that the weekends exist (other than keeping us alive and sane!) for us to be able to enjoy them, and fall is possibly my favourite season.  Among other things, it is conducive to quiet days and writing, and wandering around town, and wearing beautiful clothes which were too warm to wear all summer.  They are simple pleasures, but those are often also the best.  I hope the forecast for sunny and chill autumn weather turns out to be true.


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