Liverpool, I Will Miss You

Life is too short to spend it anyplace when I would rather be someplace else.  That does not mean that I’d not spend my life anywhere outside a seaside resort in the Greek Isles, but in terms of living, the priority, whenever financially and realistically possible, goes to where the heart is.

I have been living in the United Kingdom for about three and a half years now, and while my experience varied wildly (London was rather awful from my perspective), I have really enjoyed living up in the Northwest – in both, Chester and Liverpool.

Now the time has come to pack my boxes and go back to Stockolm, which, to a migratory bird like me, is as close to home as it comes – home being so by choice rather than by birth or any other circumstance.  The next few weeks may be rather hectic, what between moving things about, sorting throw-away from packing, and giving away things I like but don’t want to pay to ship, cancelling phone and other services, and getting things arranged.

International moves, while hectic, are not nearly as complicated or difficult, nor as scary as most people who have not tried them tend to think.  They do involve making a list and a calendar and sticking to it (must not forget to call my mobile phone company today!), but if you do things in an orderly manner, they need not be too complicated.  I’ve done it a few times now, and it is almost become a routine – make a list, sort essentials from not, pack, store, arrange pickup, buy plane ticket, move.

Nevertheless, it is an effort – but one I am more than willing to make for the best of reasons:  I am moving back to Stockholm to be with my fantastic boyfriend, after deciding that we don’t want to keep the relationship long-distance any longer.  He will be here over the holidays to pack me, and then, in the very viking manner (I keep teasing him!) “take the loot and woman home”.  His ancestors would be so proud! 

The immediate plans for nearest future involve a course of Swedish, time to cook, photograph and write on this very blog about it, work on my writing project, studying for a Masters degree in Law, and loads and loads of time to spend with the one I love in the city I love.

That is not to say that I won’t miss Liverpool.  It’s been a good year and a half, and I do not regret it in the slightest.  Living in the city centre right next to Liverpool One (Paradise Project) has been wonderful – all the cafes, the bookstores, and the pedestrian avenues within an arm’s reach has made this a very happy stay.  And, I do have friends here (who I very much hope will visit me in Stockholm as well!).

The next chapter of the story remains to be written.  Liverpool, I will miss you.


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