After-Party Breakfast Smoothies

Yesterday we have borrowed a blender.

I am planning to get a blender of my own someday, but somehow in all my moves, I have left my old and none-too-great blender behind, and never gotten around to buying the much-coveted (and more pricey) variety with a low glass bowl and a more powerful motor.  But one does not look a borrowed blender in the motor, so to paraphrase.  And after yesternight’s excesses, and considering the unused fruit left in fridge, the morning called for smoothies.  Well, coffee too, but every morning calls for coffee, and today was no apocalyptically different in that regard.

So, here is the leftover-fruit-and-whatever ‘recipe’ (and by all means, use whatever fruit you’ve got so long as it doesn’t clash with each other too badly in your view – sniffing the two together in your hands may give you an idea of whether that’s a danger), which was compounded on the spot and turned out absolutely, lusciously silky and gorgeously scented:

  • About 100g fresh strawberries, stems removed
  • 1 medium honey mango (mine was bought from a local street stall, as they are in season now), cut off pit, with peel removed
  • 4 small ice cubes
  • 2 hugely heaping tablespoons of 10% fat yogurt (Turkish, Greek, whatever you can get – we had Turkish)
  • 1.5 – 2 teaspoons of honey.  We used Drottningholm Linden honey (beware, link in Swedish), which is naturally runny (most honey sold in Sweden is unprocessed and set)

The how-to is summed up in one line:

Toss all into blender.  Push low speed till ice is crushed, then high speed for a short while.  Pour into glasses.  Slurp.  It’s the slurping that’s important!


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