Back From Vacation!

Just this – I am back from my vacation, the days aren’t any cooler, the skies aren’t any less blue, but soon I will be back to regular classes, and time in front of the computer.

Sitting garden at Sigtunastifelsen

Yes, the vacation was amazing and I feel great and rested – much yayness to that!

No, I hadn’t stopped cooking while I was gone, nor have I stopped photographing the food, but I did take some time off from using my brain too much.  Now that I’m back and dusting it off, expect new recipes and the return of non-stop babble as per usual.

In other news, this fall I shall be formally studying what I have (informally) studied for years:  I am about to begin working on my Masters degree in EU food law (LLM), so among the recipes and the usual talk, you may get treated to reviews of relevan portions of laws which pertain to what people can and can’t legally sell to you as food, what it can (and can’t, or shouldn’t) be named under what circumstances, and anything else I find interesting in my coursework.

So, without further ado, I present to you a coming-cooler-weather-worthy Thai Curry (see next post).  Read, enjoy, comment and please do come back for more!


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