Saturday Walk

Today the morning has dawned almost ridiculously sunny, with a few fluffy clouds here and there, and an early-autumn chill in the air that is very much encouraging for taking a long walk in town.

So, today we will be visiting the Stockholm Haymarket (Hötorget), and possibly Essencefabriken, the old spice shop in the area.

Image courtesy

The historic haymarket is now an interesting place for buying unusual food ingredients, and consists of the open-air market as well as a market hall.   There are also a few specialty food shops in the vicinity, such as my favorite oriental supermarkets.  In the hall itself there are spice merchants, a South-American butcher, and cheese shops – and the open-air market tends to have just about anything you can ask for provided it is in season (and some things which are not).  I’m hoping to find a few quinces, since I am planning to make quince preserves for the winter, and see what else is interesting and available.

I promise to take pictures.


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