Picture Day – Potstickers

The day has been windy and gloomy, and so the comforting warmth of homemade potstickers with pork, chili, garlic, young ginger and spring onions was more than welcome (if you’d like to try them, the previously-posted recipe is here).

Potstickers aka Gyoza

In fact, the repetative filling, pleating and sealing – and the knowledge that there is a whole boxful of those in my freezer for a future needy day – is incredibly soothing as well.


4 thoughts on “Picture Day – Potstickers

    1. Thank you, and by all means, do! They really aren’t difficult to make once you get the hang of pleating the dough. Usually takes me 1-3 dumplings to get my fingers to remember how to do it neatly!

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