Saturday. Fruit Harvest. Dendrobiums in Season.

Good morning!

Or, as it may happen, afternoon, wherever you are.

So, as it happens (every week, I might add!), it is Saturday morning here in Stockholm, and we are being treated to a rather beautiful one, with occasional spots of sunlight and not yet near-zero temperatures.  It is those temperatures that permit, among other things, the happy prospect of dressing up in beautiful fall clothes and not getting overheated.  So, in a short while we shall be going out to run errands, hit the immigrant market at Skarholmen for the large quinces, Cydonia (they may have finally arrived!), and generally walk around town, look stylish, and hopefully take some photos of Stockholm in the season of the turning leaves.

Most of our friends are heading out, in the Swedish habit of trying to catch the last of not-too-cold weather over the weekend, and the fruit trees scattered around here (we think there was an orchard here, oh, some 70-80 years ago before the neighborhood was built around WWII) are dripping with apples.  And dropping them, to be picked up by yours truly, because who in their right mind turns down perfect, ripe heirloom apples for free?

One of the very nice people who subscribe to this blog (I am so flattered, by the way, just so you know!) has emailed me about the fruit trees in his neighborhood, planted by previous tenants, that go unharvested by supermarket-shopping yuppies (those weren’t the words he used), and his plans to save some of the fruit from rotting – I think that’s a fantastic initiative.  I think if you have fruit growing around where you live, you should, too.  It’s good for the environment (less fruit shipped from South Africa or America), it’s good for your wallet, and when you consider how nice some of this fruit is (compared to what you’d buy), it’s most importantly, good for you.  So, you should totally do it!

The shortening days also mean that Dendrobium orchids, if you have one at home, are happily bursting into bloom, as my white one did over the course of the past few weeks.  Its unabashedly tropical looks make a beautiful mood counterpoint to the fall and harvest colors outside the window.

So, happy Saturday, and happy October!


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