New Goodies!

So, I’ve gone and done what I should’ve a long time ago!

Wild Sweet Cherry - Prunus avium

No, not just posted a picture of local wild cherries.  (Though those are gorgeous and definitely qualify as “goodies” if you ask me!  Or they did till they were all eaten.)

What I’ve done is gone through my entire “Recipes” category, and created a Recipe Index page for the ease of your browsing!  Look at it, isn’t it shiny?

Anyway, hope it makes searching for a recipe or just flipping through those more pleasant than the endless scrolling of the category pages did.  And who knows, maybe one day when I have time on my hands again, I will even make a photo index or somesuch!

I’ve also added an Eat The Roses button/badge code to the blog, in case you’d want to put it up or some such (I’m vain, you know!), and reorganized the pages menu to make a little bit more sense.

Hope you enjoy my tinkering!

P.S.  The gorgeous (and oh-so-delicious!) cherries are just a photo I took of a bowl of cherries we picked last summer in a forested area about 15 min walk from our home.  Isn’t it great living in Stockholm, the city with nature preserves inside it?  I think it is!


2 thoughts on “New Goodies!

  1. How lucky to be able to pick fruits from the forest. I guess with your expert background, you’d know better. I wouldn’t dare pick anything to eat in our forests wondering if I might just keel over and kaput! Nice badge!

    1. Ping, hi!

      Hmm… yes, Malay forests are full of interesting things, but I’d not try to go there and eat things myself! I suppose if you have access to it, you can collect samples of a few things and have them identified for the future – there could be really interesting fruit there, I guess! Here we have uncounted sorts of mushrooms – most junk, loads poisonous (some truly deadly), and some amazing, like porcini and chanterelles. And fruit. But then, you don’t pick every red-looking berry off the forest floor either. Fruit of Lily of the Valley will kill you just as dead… :)

      And thanks! I discovered the code for it and was playing around trying to see what I can make!

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