My Guest Post at Ping’s Pickings – Topinambour and Mushroom Salad

Earlier this week, I’ve done a guest post at the blog of the Illustrious Ping, queen of making tiny gorgeous fiddly things that I stare at with envy.  Often.  So of course I was terribly excited when she invited me to write a guest post, and put up one of my recent and very successful (according to T) recipes, a salad of topinambours and mushrooms and quinoa.

Where am I going with this?  Not very far.  You should visit Ping’s blog (link below!), make and eat my salad (unless you hate mushrooms and then it’s your loss!), and then look around at all the pretty and adorable and totally yummy things she makes.  Who knows, you may get stuck on reading her stuff too, the way I did!

*waves to Ping*

ping’s pickings: Guest Post: Eat The Roses.


8 thoughts on “My Guest Post at Ping’s Pickings – Topinambour and Mushroom Salad

  1. Aawwwww *wave back* …. now it’s my turn to blush. *Blush*.
    Queen, I am not. Fiddly, yes, I must admit that I love massacring regular recipes. Thanks for the linkback. And thanks for being so sweet. I really enjoyed having your post on my blog and reading your witty replies to some, uh, ‘cheeky’ comments. It was fun!

    1. Cheeky people will be cheeky! :)

      And yes, you are. Queen of squiggly fiddly edible things. With the holiday season fast approaching and the need for pretty tiny things to eat, I am going to be going through your blog again. And trying to adopt your neat attitude as opposed to my “make slop in large pot” style of cooking. Elegance is all in the details!

    1. Thank you! It makes for a fairly large lunch, but it is specified for two hungry people. I imagine it’d have fed 3 not too-hungry ones also. Possibly. ;)

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