Two-Ingredient, Five-Minute Ice Cream

WARNING:  This post contains information that will come perilously close to ruining your relationship with your jeans.  And/or the mirror.  Read at your own risk!

Anyone who knows me, knows that of all sweets, ice cream is the one I have least resistance for.  Which, as it happens, does not at all mean that I’ll eat any sort of bad ice cream whenever.  Oh no.  The above only applies to exceptionally good, ice-cream-shop ice cream, or at the very least something like Häagen-Dazs. Or, preferably, the homemade stuff.

Like this.

Because really, if we could make ice cream at home without an ice-cream maker (some of us who have tiny kitchens can’t own every kitchen gadget we want because of space issues if nothing else!), of course we’d make it as amazing as we want it to be, and without anything questionable of remotely icky on the horizon.

I have made no-churn ice creams with fresh or frozen fruit before, and they turned out amazing – but when I came across this recipe, I simply had to try it.  Because it was promised that it would deliver (and boy, did it!) an even creamier version without any, any iciness at all!  And don’t color me boring, but I love vanilla ice cream.  By that, I don’t mean the plain oversugared white stuff you can find in any supermarket, no – I mean the heavily vanilla-perfumed rich and creamy vanilla ice cream that vanilla fanatics (like me) seek like the holy grail.

Personally, I think it’s sad that the word “vanilla” has come to signify in common slang something boring and uninventive.  I blame the aforementioned tasteless concoctions labeled “vanilla” that line the supermarket shelves, and the cheapening of this queen of flavors that inevitably followed – but I digress as usual, and this is a story for another time (yes, that other time is being planned… just need to take photos!).

Back to ice cream.  This ice cream is by no conceivable definition boring, unless you hate vanilla and/or ice cream with a passion (in which case I am not sure why you are reading this post).  It is lush, it is incredibly creamy and full of that rich, perfumey goodness that we expect of vanilla ice cream.  And best of all, it is very, very easy to make!

Now, like the original writer of the recipe, I cheat.  I use more than 2 ingredients, because while I imagine this ice cream would taste wonderful even without it, I have added real vanilla extract to it.  Why?  Because of all the above and how I adore vanilla.  And because I have real vanilla extract at home, made by yours truly (like I said, vanilla talk another day), and so I could.

So, what do you need for this?  (Makes just under 2L of ice cream.)

  • 2 plastic buckets or freezer-safe boxes that will hold a bit over 1L each.
  • Freezer that goes to -12C or below (Two-star or preferably more rated).  I am serious here.  Mine goes to -24C and that is how high I crank it, but those little (one-star) iceboxes in some fridges that don’t really freeze food solid won’t work.
  • Mixer.  I would not try this with a hand whisk although I have a friend who is scary with that thing and can whip cream or egg whites or whatever you want by hand.  I am not so gifted or exercised!
  • Bowl
  • 0.5L (5dl) heavy whipping cream (I used 36% one because that is what I had in the fridge, but I imagine 40% will work even better.)
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk (397g one which is apparently standard … who the heck came up with that amount?!)
  • 1 tablespoon real vanilla extract (and some seeds out of the vanilla pod if you want those black specks in your ice cream)

Method:  (This takes approximately 5 minutes.  After which there is a freezing period but really, you can just go to sleep like I did and wake up to ice cream!)

  • Put your cream in a bowl (add vanilla seeds now if using), and whip it to soft peak stage.
  • Add vanilla extract and whip to stiff peak stage.
  • Add condensed milk and whip to combine.  Mixture will be somewhat softer than stiff-peaks but that is ok.
  • Pour into your boxes and freeze overnight.

Serve.  If your freezer is a mean machine like mine, take the ice cream out for a few minutes before scooping, but to be honest, with a bit of arm power, I managed to scoop this even straight from the freezer – it does not go icy and it does not go terribly solid either.  It is creamy and gorgeous and, for all of you vanilla freaks, incredibly vanilla-satisfactory.  So much, in fact, that even I tend to have a little and then feel it is enough.

Like the original author says, this is very versatile.  Next time I will make my salted caramel sauce and swirl it into a semi-frozen mixture.  Or mix in some smashed cookies like she did.  Or… the imagination is the limit, I suspect, and I really do think that adding some chocolate to the whipping cream would work wonders as well.

Now that I have this recipe, the ice cream is always, always within my reach… my jeans may think this is not such a great idea.  I may have to, you know, compromise with them and feed most of the ice cream to skinny Scandinavian friends.  Yesss… ;)

P.S.  While I make none, zero, nada claims regarding the health value of this (it has none except for those who really need to gain weight, and maybe not even then), it does have some virtues which are hard to come by in shop-bought ice cream:  It has zero food additives, stabilizers, colors or artificial flavors.  It contains no eggs at all, and so is suitable for egg allergy sufferers and vegetarians who avoid eggs.  And well… if you count your mental health, it does have a health benefit.  Like, you know, keeping you from throwing objects or crying when you have PMS.  For that, it works wonders, even in small doses.  (Yes, I’ve tried it for that.)  Oh and – for this sort of quality, it’s also really inexpensive to make, so it makes your wallet – and you – happier.  Beat that!


17 thoughts on “Two-Ingredient, Five-Minute Ice Cream

      1. You’re not kidding its dangerous. Beautiful too and currently residing in the freezer, though everytime I go in there, a little more has disappeared…my boys are now thoroughly adicted. Thanks!!

      2. Hi and welcome!

        As to the ice cream – glad to make another convert! And it IS dangerous! I am currently holding off on making a batch of it with honey and lavender, but… I’ve got all the ingredients already. It’s just a matter of time now… oh my jeans!

  1. Hehe … my kinda ice cream, only I don’t use condensed milk. I don’t know if all canned condensed milk have that condensed milk taste or do the ones we get here contain an added “essence” that I dislike. Maybe I’ll try making my own condensed milk just to know for sure. Meanwhile, this sounds super rich and looks absolutely wonderful! Real nice pic too! I do love REAL vanilla and would never think them boring at all. In fact, I haven’t tried too many of any other flavored brands of store bought ice cream … I always gravitate towards vanilla … I wonder if those specks are real? Hmmm …

    1. Hmm… not sure about your condensed milk, but I never minded the flavor of the one we get in Europe or USA – it’s not strong and I think it’s the actual flavor of milk being concentrated to the point of being a syrup. I can check on the can later to make sure if you like.

      Making your own condensed milk may work if there is something in it that you don’t like, but it would certainly take a whole lot more time than 5 minutes! :) Do tell me how it turns out though!

  2. This is perfect! My boyfriend, who’s an engineer and not super-confident in his kitchen skills, got an ice cream machine for Hanukkah. He luuuuuuuuurves vanilla ice cream like no one I’ve ever met. This is so simple he can do it easily, without me having to help!

    1. He totally can make this! It’s dangerous in its simplicity – if he can whip heavy (whipping) cream, he can make this!

      I think I will make a batch of honey-almond or honey-lavender ice cream next… whenever I permit myself sugar again. Perhaps for one of the upcoming parties to feed to guests! :D

  3. I’m so with you; vanilla ice cream is the best. And it isn’t bland. It’s beautiful. I like to put a good whack of vanilla in mine too. I love your recipe, it’s so much simpler than fiddling around with custard. I wonder if I can find my maternity jeans… :-)

    1. Having discovered this evilly easy recipe, I have promptly gone on a low-carbohydrate streak to slim down a bit after all the holiday foods! But yes, I believe that just put a stop to me buying ice cream, because with real vanilla and without any junk, it’s that much more gorgeous – and you know what? I tried floating it in coffee, and that turns out AMAZING!

      … good thing my boyfriend is such a skinny Swede and I can feed it to him!

  4. Well, I was doubtful and now I am not. But, I only bought 300ml of cream and did not want to go back to the shop so I put in 200ml of Greek yoghurt to bring it up to quantity. Wow. I am going to put half and half next time. Trims the guilt and tastes fantastic.

    1. I know, when I tried it it was like a revelation! Although I am not sure about half and half – it is too thin to whip and it may water the mixture down some, causing iciness! If you want to trim the guilt as you eloquently put it, I’d go with something like 10% fat strained yogurt (Greek or Turkish style) substituted for part of the cream, as it has enough protein and substance to hold texture.

      For next go, I am contemplating some almonds and honey, or honey and lavender flowers (I have dried and thinking to bash them in a mortar till they can be blended in easily). Oh, and thinking of upping the cream-to-condensed milk ratio to reduce some of the sweetness (using more like 6dl of cream to 1 can milk – or if adding honey I’ll have to up the quantity anyway because honey would be counted towards the condensed milk end of the ingredients as a sweetener).

      1. Grin. We do not have half and half here in Australia. I meant half cream and half creamy yoghurt.

  5. That has to be one of the msot simple and delicious icecream recipes I have come across. I had some earlier today for breakfast (I know, but in my defence, I’m on holiday) with raspberries and what a fab way to start the day!

  6. You wanna know another way to make ice cream and stay active?
    1 large Ziploc bag, 1 small Ziploc bag, vanilla extract(if desired), milk, salt, towel, sugar, and ice
    1: in your big Ziploc bag fill up with ice half way, then add 3 tsp of salt( make sure to get all ice
    2: in the small Ziploc bag put your mixtures; milk, sugar, and vanilla extract(if desired) mix/swish
    3: seal the small bag, and put it in the ice bag with salt. Seal the big Ziploc bag
    4: wrap the Ziploc bag in the towel to prevent the cold to get out
    5: run laps for about 30mins to 1hr
    6: check to see if your icecream is the way you want it to be, and serve:)

    1. If I were willing to run laps… ;)

      Thanks for visiting and commenting – it’s a really creative way to do that but ye gads, the only time I run is if I need to catch that bus or there’ll be none for an hour! (I’ll happily swim laps but not sure that’s good for ice-cream making… on the other hand, a Finnish friend of mine swims in a hole in the frozen lake, maybe I should ask her!).

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