Blog Remodeling

Zaatar Flatbread

You know how it is with house remodeling – you decide to paint an accent wall in your dining room, and before you know you are reflooring the kitchen and buying all new cabinetry, and restoring an antique dining table?

Well, it’s sort of the same thing with a blog.  You start out thinking oooh, I might just change the background a little, and before you know, there’s a new theme with all those new features and one thing leads to another.

This is essentially a long-winded way to say that the posts haven’t gone anywhere, but there will be a new welcome page at the front of the blog, with recent posts links on it, and the actual blog is also still all there and can be reached by clicking the ‘Blog’ menu item right under the header image.  I’ve also added a pretty gallery of pictures to this page, for further salivary gland stimulation.  I hope you like it!


P.S. The picture in this post is a teaser – I am going to make and blog about some spiced sourdough flatbreads as soon as my long-dormant starter (it had to be dehydrated for the move, and spent a year sleeping in the fridge in flake form) wakes up.  Note to self – buy some more zaatar!

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