Things Food Bloggers Eat – 3: Avocado, Cucumber and Basil Salad with Biltong

Salad of Avocado and Biltong

Some days, the gods of schedule and other small-things-that-add-up are unmerciful.  I am having one of those days – it’s barely lunchtime, but I already missed one item on the agenda (thankfully not a life-or-death one) thanks to user error (I didn’t program a reminder when I thought I did), and I am running around like crazy cleaning and doing other things.

Have been running, that is, until I realized that I’ll just fall over or kill something if I don’t eat.  Which is why here I am, eating in a mad hurry because I am planning to run test batches of body lotion this afternoon before it actually goes from after-noon to right-before-dinner.  And blogging about it in a hurry, as well.  But yes, food!  On the really sunny upside of today, I am having a good refrigerator day, which is like a great hairday for your fridge, and means food just falls out of it and onto the plate without effort.

So today’s lunch is a prime example of a variation on the theme of this post and this one – things I eat when I have no time, inclination, or whatever else to do something elaborate and I want to eat deliciously and well.  Which, for the latter, is always.  The above picture has less than no recipe – it involves washing and slicing some cucumber and sunchoke, opening and scooping out an avocado, tearing some leaves off my much-abused basil, slicing the last remaining bit of Craig’s awesome biltong, fresh-ground pepper and a bit of salt, and drizzling the lot with some good-quality garlic-infused olive oil.

I suppose the key lesson and theme of today’s post is that when you have good fresh food in your fridge, you need not fear ‘cooking’ – an excellent meal can be improvised in under 5 minutes from grabbing a plate, a knife and a cutting board to sitting down to scarf it.  And, in case you wondered, yes I do plan to lick my plate in the privacy of my own home.


4 thoughts on “Things Food Bloggers Eat – 3: Avocado, Cucumber and Basil Salad with Biltong

  1. Ha! You’ve done better than I would. On a day like that, I’m prone to eating slabs of crusty bread slathered in butter, because I don’t have to sit down to do it. That looks wonderful, and now I know a new food-biltong. Thanks!

    1. Hey and thanks! I totally wish I could eat crusty bread (I even love baking the stuff!) but if I do that, it literally all sticks to my bum. I have to ration my carbohydrate intake – I eat a low-carbohydrate diet (not one of those crazy no-carbohydrate ones!) because I am in the diabetes risk group. I love bread with butter, too, so I tend to reserve it for special occasions such as dinner parties, or eat really rough 100% rye sourdough you can get here.

      But on the other hand, yes, there’s biltong! Which is like meatier, sliceable beef jerky only made of really good cuts of meat and heavily seasoned with coriander and other stuff. If you can get your hands on some, definitely try it!

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