Blog Renovations!

I am working on renovating and updating this site, so please bear with me (and let me know if the new theme or arrangement makes it hard to read or has any other problems).  The reason I am doing this is that 1. I have a new monitor with a higher resolution that was not supported by the previous theme, and 2. I hope that this new theme will be more mobile-user friendly (it purports to be!).

I will also be updating various pages, and digging through old content – some of it can stand being trashed, other parts can be revisited and highlighted, because they were written long ago and didn’t get as much exposure as I feel they deserved.

In short, don’t mind the drilling and the dust, I’m working on it!




2 thoughts on “Blog Renovations!

  1. Does using a new theme keep all the photos and key layout the same or does it knock some things out? It is always good “housekeeping” to revisit old posts and either be brutal with them or revitalise them. Have fun with the refurb 😀

    1. The new theme (twenty sixteen) seems to have resized at the photos in the more recent posts rather well, so that they look good with the text. I will go through older posts and see how they look as I do cleanup!

      And yep, some old posts you read and go “why aren’t people reading this, it’s great!”, and some others are more a case of “what was I thinking?”

      Thank you, will do!

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