Legum Magistra

Today I have received an official email from my university notifying me of the fact that my thesis work has now been graded, and that I have been awarded the LLM in Food Law with Merit.

I am obviously puffed up with pride and self-importance, and will probably be parading with my nose stuck insufferably up in the air for quite a while.  I have decided not to travel to the United Kingdom for my graduation because 1. there are nicer destinations than United Kingdom in the summer (I can totally skip getting rained on during the graduation ceremony), and 2. the city will be full of everyone’s relatives traveling there for the ceremonies so the hotels would be booked, the prices atrocious, and I just don’t think that it’s worth it for 2 hours of standing around in Hogwarts robes and roleplaying Harry Potter (for those who don’t get the reference, google image search for Master’s graduation robes in the UK).  I am really quite fine with getting my diploma in the mail.

The next big things will be: moving to a new apartment (we nabbed an awesome new rental place right in the city centre, and across from a mountain with a park – yay!), contemplating a Ph.D. application, and a few other fun things such as writing more blog posts for this place.

In the meantime, you may address me as Legum Magistra (Mistress of Laws).


10 thoughts on “Legum Magistra

  1. Congrats! Try to go easy on those poor importers with the slightly undersized grapes or the bananas with too much curvature!

    1. Hah!

      Those were actually deregulated again, because they were dumbass rules, really! I will most certainly not go easy on those keeping their animals in bad unhygienic conditions, or running a filthy outfit in general!

  2. Hooray for you! (and for your devoted minions, if it means you’ll be posting more…I always look forward to seeing you in the in-box.) Different sort of magic than the kind at Hogwarts and much more useful.

    1. Hi Sally, and thank you for stopping by and the congratulations!

      And here I didn’t even realize that I had devoted minions! What awesome things you discover when you graduate! ;)

      I have a recipe for a French chocolate dessert I should write about, and also a few rants on various subjects – I’m curious, what is it that you read for more: the food or the blatherings?

      1. The food brought me in, the blathering keeps me coming back. Delightful to meet (so to speak) someone with such a definite point of view and approach to life who also has quite a way with words.

      2. Thank you, that is very flattering!

        I consider conversations on the internet ‘meeting’ in most senses of the word, because people use the word ‘meet’ for strangers they knocked a shot with at the bar, and let’s face it – you get to know a person a lot less that way.

        I promise more of both, food and blatherings, and soon. We are currently in the process of packing, but after June 15th we will be moved into the new place, and the crazy pace of life will hopefully slow down for a bit at that point!

  3. Congratulations are in order, to a well deserving recipient. Might I ask: what was the topic for your thesis work?

    1. Thank you so much!

      As to the topic – now that it’s been graded, I can obviously tell you – it was “If you don’t regulate and enforce a no-shit-in-food law, you’ll eat shit and die” (I might have been a bit more polite phrasing it, but that was the gist), a comparative study of practical application of EU food law in the United Kingdom and the Nordic Countries, and the effects of the different modes of enforcement, with a discussion of the resulting differences in outcome. And if you aren’t asleep from reading that yet, I can also send it to you as a PDF if you want to read. I’m told I am fairly entertaining, for a legal writer… ;)

      1. Wouldn’t mind at all, actually. I can easily do things that makes others fall asleep.

        I can’t say I have much knowledge in the field though. Then again that never stopped me from learning a thing or two.

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