Moving House


Just as I got done with the dissertation and associated hoopla, and following that, the trip to Stockholm to get the apartment ready to sell, and was about to take a breath of relief, a new project has tumbled into my lap, and this one was both, unexpected and unpleasant, but will hopefully yield worthwhile results:  we have decided to move to another (also rental) apartment closer to the city centre (where the sidewalks are heated in the winter and there is a bedroom overlooking a park), because the price is right, the apartment is better, the location is better, the new place doesn’t have a bathroom designed by friendly space aliens (more about this later, if I feel like a rant, but let’s say I’ll be happy to have a bathroom without features such as a steel airplane-toilet size-and-style sink as the main sink in the bathroom), and oh, a lot of other things.

Which means I am packing, and throwing things out, and giving things away, because moving house is the best de-cluttering regimen known to (wo)man (and it’s working).  And then I am packing some more, and wondering if I really do need all these plates (I do, I use all of them, but I hate that I have to pack them!), and realizing that I haven’t seen some things I own in 2.5 years, which means that unless they are irreplaceable (some things are), out they go.

My giant IKEA blue out-bag is bulging.

Anyway.  Our moving date is June 15th, which is next Wednesday, and thanks to some awesome friends (shoutout to Katie – who has an awesome podcast if you’re wondering about life of American expats in the Nordic countries, and Anlin, who is a yarn, hook, and needles magician, and Sandrita, who all came to help me pack!), I am nearly done with this session of masochism, I mean packing.

After all this upheaval, I am really, really looking forward to our July staycation in Jyväskylä, enjoying the lakes and the emptied-out town, and not doing anything much.  Ok, picnicking, and eating strawberries and more strawberries, and maybe picking wild strawberries, and lots of sleeping in.  Hopefully that also means that I will both, have time to cook, and time to blog about things, so all I am trying to (long-windedly) say, is that normal programming will ideally resume in a month or so.

The beatings will continue until morale improves.  Or something!


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