Running Errands

The view of the sun setting over the snow-dusted mountains in the photo above is a picture taken by a colleague of T, who has kindly gone to personally view the apartment which we have now agreed to rent.  In a few days we will be traveling to Telemark to run pre-moving-in errands.  T will give his first lecture in the course he’s teaching, we will sign papers, arrange for delivery of various necessities to the apartment, and generally take a look around.

At this point it appears that T will have a 2km walk to/from work, and I will have a slightly shorter one to nearest supermarket, and about the same to the city centre.  The apartment is up the hill (the village sits in the valley surrounded by the foothills of the Scandinavian Mountains aka Fjäll), and the centre is downhill.  My guess is that it’ll do both of our health good, and save on gym fees (though I still want a pool membership).

I have been silent for a few days here, mostly because I have been too busy making the actual moving arrangements to stop and write about them here.  Now that we have the apartment – the ‘landing zone’ – lined up, and I have done the subsequent round of errands and bookings which was waiting on that and on knowing our future address, I can get back to finishing installment four of the Moving-Abroad series of posts, which will be addressing the matters of settling in once you arrive in the new place, and what you can get started on before the actual moving day.


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