Once More, With Feeling

This will be short, mostly because it’s written between gulping coffee, and having to get dressed, and prepare for the arrival of the moving company’s packing crew by packing as much as I can before they get here.  It is, in fact, less ridiculous than it sounds, as I’ve been doing packing up and hauling of things to the new house for weeks using our own car, and the more I pack myself, the less hours we pay for them working, the cheaper the move will be.

The actual hauling-sofas (thankfully not by us) day is tomorrow, with subsequent cleaning up of this apartment on Saturday, which shouldn’t take long because we are not filthy people – the last couple of moves, our clean-up took between 2 and 3 hours for similarly-sized places. The difference is that, after this one, I can look forward to a soak in a really deep bath tub, and then laying on the sofa in front of the fire in our new fireplace.

Considering what the road to the new place currently looks like,

Snowy road
The road to Seljord from Midt-Telemark, Dec 13th

… I think I deserve it.

A before-and-after renovations post is upcoming, as soon as we have had time to move in, unpack, sleep, and take some nice photos of the new place. I will be using the realtor’s photos for ‘before’, as they had good light, and were rather thorough – and this avoids the ugly taken-in-the-dark-with-a-potato ‘before’ and beautifully staged ‘after’ artificially enhanced contrast.

And with this, I shall gulp my coffee and head to the kitchen- stuff won’t pack itself.


2 thoughts on “Once More, With Feeling

  1. Moving in the dead — or almost the dead — of winter. That should make the coming of spring in your new home that much more joyous.

    1. I think more-or-less dead of winter, because we are just a week short of winter solstice here. It’s about as dark as it’s going to get, and temperatures are solidly below freezing. Yesterday was a bloody blizzard. We’d HOPED to get moved in November, but with renovations, it always takes longer and costs more than planned (and it ate my budget margin and now I have a budgetache). Will have to decorate for Yule really, really fast!

      On the other hand, my kitchen is drop-dead gorgeous (with all-steel countertops and Italian tile backsplash), and the living room is planked in Swedish knotty pine to match the paneling, all 50m^2 of it. Best part (for the blog, anyway) is that I will have huge South-facing windows over my work counter in the kitchen, allowing me to photograph food I make.

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