Hot cocoa with creamYou may note that a lot of the pictures on this blog are taken with a flash, in less-than-optimal light conditions.  This is because I live in Scandinavia and about half of the year, dinner is something that happens long after sunset because we don’t get a whole lot of daylight.  I don’t style my food, and I certainly don’t cook ‘dinner’ at lunchtime just to photograph it.  I cook for when it’s intended to be eaten, and consequently, the pictures on the blog are generally snapped as I cook, or right before we sit down to eat.

There isn’t a huge or particularly well-equipped kitchen involved, either.  I cook in a fairly small though convenient rental apartment kitchen with a small sink, dishwasher, fridge, a disused microwave, a bit of counter space, and a basic electric stove with a single oven.  I say this by way of encouragement – nothing I offer on this site requires a mansion-style kitchen and three line chefs, nor even a stand mixer, actually, to make.

And, while I will be the first to say that better-quality tools make cooking (and life, in general) extremely much better, and easier to handle, it is important to recognize that a few good tools are not the same thing than a lavishly appointed kitchen, and while the latter may be hard to come by, the former can certainly be acquired fairly easily and inexpensively, if you are so inclined.  We may not be rich enough to buy cheap things, but there is no reason to not acquire the tools of good quality secondhand, or otherwise at a bargain.