I Am Not Leaving Social Media, But…

Before anyone starts to worry, I am fine. As I sit here and write this, I can see the thin stream of steam rising up from our neighbors’ chimney. It’s nearly evening, and they are sensibly starting up their fireplace. I can smell the faintest hint of wood smoke from the window vent, and it reminds me that I should probably get up and build a fire myself in a not too long while – but I like to do so after the sun has set, and we have another hour or even more of daylight left – the sun stays up in the sky much longer these days. Spring is coming, belied as it is by the thick piles of snow on the ground and the roofs. The snow muffles most of the sounds outside, and the silence is interrupted indoors only by the sleepy low buzz of a humidifier and the occasional melodic dripping noise it makes. We have moved to a gloriously beautiful place. Continue reading I Am Not Leaving Social Media, But…

Waste Not, Want Not (And Yes, A Beautiful Mediterranean Salad)

“Waste not, want not” is a very old proverb, but its moral is as relevant today as it was five hundred years ago. Also, this is a moderately long post, so if you want the salad recipe, just scroll to the bottom – it’s lovely. If you are in the mood for me talking about food waste, how it’s bad (lots of people go hungry), … Continue reading Waste Not, Want Not (And Yes, A Beautiful Mediterranean Salad)

Sun On The Snow: Moving Update

It has been roughly a month since the big moving day into our house, and we are only maybe about halfway unpacked. The reasons for that are many, and most of them are not that interesting (catching a cold, holidays, things which inevitably needed to be fixed, some more renovations after we moved in because library hadn’t been finished before we did, etc.). Instead of … Continue reading Sun On The Snow: Moving Update

Once More, With Feeling

This will be short, mostly because it’s written between gulping coffee, and having to get dressed, and prepare for the arrival of the moving company’s packing crew by packing as much as I can before they get here.  It is, in fact, less ridiculous than it sounds, as I’ve been doing packing up and hauling of things to the new house for weeks using our … Continue reading Once More, With Feeling