Scampi – Glorious With Garlic!

When I lived in the United States, it was in the mainland city of Saint Louis, and nowhere near a sea coast.  However, Americans are practical sorts, and where’s a will (and demand), there’s a way – and so there was excellent seafood offered in many restaurants around town.  One of my most favorite dishes to eat – back then, and to this day – … Continue reading Scampi – Glorious With Garlic!

For Hangovers And Otherwise – Baked Artichoke Dip

Although March is here,  and it is technically (or at least according to the theoretical calendar) a spring month, the snow outside remains untouched by melt (or not enough to matter, and it all froze up last night again anyway!), and so my mood for warm winter food continues – in the next instance with an utterly fantastic American-Italian dish of somewhat murky origins:  Artichoke … Continue reading For Hangovers And Otherwise – Baked Artichoke Dip