Sourdough Experiment Continued – Rye Blend Edition

Since my Sourdough Experiment posts last month, I have spent some time reading about sourdough, and also practicing baking with it. The results have been wonderful, and I have found out a lot of very interesting things about sourdough – the chief one among them being that once you get how it works, sourdough bread-baking is not difficult at all, and is actually quite easy … Continue reading Sourdough Experiment Continued – Rye Blend Edition

(Really Good) Emergency Cookies

Some days things go sideways for the ones we love.  Their train is late, or they miss it, and then it rains and the meetings are too long and the evening can’t come soon enough.  And recently T had one of those days.  The solution?  Cookies.  What, did you think cookies stopped making everything better just because you grew up? Of course not.  Of all … Continue reading (Really Good) Emergency Cookies

The Wild Yeast Sourdough Experiment – Day 7

Fast-forward another day, and we are now on Day 7 of the wild yeast sourdough experiment I began last week. The premise:  there is wild yeast on wheat flour you buy, especially wholegrain.  I have wanted to culture a sourdough starter with local Swedish bacteria and yeast (wheat is Swedish too) the original way – i.e. without adding bakers’ yeast or fruit (yeast growing on … Continue reading The Wild Yeast Sourdough Experiment – Day 7