After-Party Breakfast Smoothies

Yesterday we have borrowed a blender. I am planning to get a blender of my own someday, but somehow in all my moves, I have left my old and none-too-great blender behind, and never gotten around to buying the much-coveted (and more pricey) variety with a low glass bowl and a more powerful motor.  But one does not look a borrowed blender in the motor, … Continue reading After-Party Breakfast Smoothies

Of Office Breakfasts and Fruit (Whole and Prepared)

It is a bright and gorgeously sunny September morning and the maples outside my window are just beginning to try out the autumn oranges and reds, here and there on the branch ends. The sky is blue, the air is chill, and I am having breakfast.  Proverbially, the most important meal of the day. Well, I am not actually convinced that it is the most important one … Continue reading Of Office Breakfasts and Fruit (Whole and Prepared)