Gorgeous, Egg-Free Chocolate Mousse with Bourbon

Some days bring you a culinary epiphany. Several weeks ago I had such a day.  I was lamenting in conversation with a friend, about how my boyfriend is allergic to egg whites, and how that deprives him of chocolate mousse.  My friend Nils replied incredulously: “… but why would you ever need eggs for chocolate mousse?  You only need…” And there it was, my chocolate … Continue reading Gorgeous, Egg-Free Chocolate Mousse with Bourbon

Supermarket Offer Email Outrage

I have received one such email last night, and being on a tighter budget this month, trustingly and curiously went to click through it. “Stock your cupboard for half price!” Great, that sounds fantastic – and I click the link to be taken to a page which details which products are actually included in this great pantry-stocking offer. I scroll through the page, and as I do so, a sense of dread slowly overtakes me: all the products on this “cupboard-stocking” offer are, in fact, cookies, biscuits and cheap chocolates in large packs! Continue reading Supermarket Offer Email Outrage

Bar and Shake Diets : Opinion

In a recent post I have discussed what amounts to a diet-specific chocolate bar, and mentioned in the same breath that I do not approve of bar and shake (meal replacement) diets as a long-term solution to weight loss. Allow me to first say, that I neither think that everyone should be size 0 and starved like catwalk models, nor advocate weight loss beyond what … Continue reading Bar and Shake Diets : Opinion