Grilled Duck Breast with Oriental Chili Sauce

My cooking style, when presented with options in terms of time and selection of raw materials, tends to run, almost regardless of season, to fusion-food styles, which are inspired by a variety of cuisines, ranging from rustic French and Italian to Southeast Asian, with anything and everything (provided it tastes good and can be combined well) in-between. Since the friend who visited the weekend before … Continue reading Grilled Duck Breast with Oriental Chili Sauce

Review: Yee Rah @ Liverpool One

…Since we had a couple of evenings, we split the food ideas evenly between a dinner cooked by yours truly (photo and recipe to follow in a separate post), and going out to a very nice place in Liverpool One called Yee Rah, which is a sort of an oriental-fusion food restaurant, very modern, and with a fantastic ambience that I had wanted to try for a while, but never had the occasion to. The hall itself is designed in muted shades of natural green and brown, reminiscent of a tropical rain forest in palette. Continue reading Review: Yee Rah @ Liverpool One