The salt regulation – “So quit eating junk”

This post has started as a reaction to a random question on the net regarding further reduction of salt in processed foods on top of the reductions which has already been made by the industry, and whether it is good, bad, and whether it is fair. Leaving aside the fairness question (it is not one I wish to tackle for the industry, I leave that … Continue reading The salt regulation – “So quit eating junk”

“Cannot guarantee nut free”

So there I was after having gotten home this evening, munching a dish of pork and rice (cannot really call it a biryani, as it wasn’t traditionally made or anything of the sort), and staring sleepily at the jar of dried chili pepper flakes on my table.  The back of the jar had the usual regulatory nonsense (well, important labelling information, rather, but it is … Continue reading “Cannot guarantee nut free”