The Grapes of Trust

There is a fruit and vegetable stall that is erected daily at Williamson Square in Liverpool City Centre around 8 in the morning. It’s just about put up when I walk by it on the way to work, and likely operating throughout the day, but by the time I walk home after 17:30, it is already gone.  I tend to buy apples there during the … Continue reading The Grapes of Trust

Of Office Breakfasts and Fruit (Whole and Prepared)

It is a bright and gorgeously sunny September morning and the maples outside my window are just beginning to try out the autumn oranges and reds, here and there on the branch ends. The sky is blue, the air is chill, and I am having breakfast.  Proverbially, the most important meal of the day. Well, I am not actually convinced that it is the most important one … Continue reading Of Office Breakfasts and Fruit (Whole and Prepared)