Loquat (Is Not A Kumquat!)

It is May, and so loquats are in season. Well, not here in Sweden they aren’t, as the loquat tree (Eriobotrya japonica) is subtropical and native to Southern China, but they are in season in cardboard boxes that appear in market stalls, usually the ones owned by immigrants.  Immigrants, because very few locals would know what a loquat was, left alone figure they ought to … Continue reading Loquat (Is Not A Kumquat!)

Dry-Cured Ham And Cantaloupe Salad

I haven’t yet met anyone who didn’t like dried ham. In its many permutations – Prosciutto di Parma, Jamón Serrano and Jamón ibérico, or any variety of Speck – dried ham is probably the most favoured cured pork product around.  And if I am wrong, then feel free to correct me, but it certainly is one of my and my friends’ favorites (a good pancetta does … Continue reading Dry-Cured Ham And Cantaloupe Salad

All Measures Are Approximate (All Butter Is Real)

If you are reading this blog in a tense diet-rules-ridden worry about healthy eating and weight loss (I am all for the former for all – and for the latter, for the people who need it only), I have one word for you: relax.  There is nothing more likely to cause you stomach ulcers than stress – and getting those stressing over food issues is … Continue reading All Measures Are Approximate (All Butter Is Real)