Two-Ingredient, Five-Minute Ice Cream

WARNING:  This post contains information that will come perilously close to ruining your relationship with your jeans.  And/or the mirror.  Read at your own risk! Anyone who knows me, knows that of all sweets, ice cream is the one I have least resistance for.  Which, as it happens, does not at all mean that I’ll eat any sort of bad ice cream whenever.  Oh no.  … Continue reading Two-Ingredient, Five-Minute Ice Cream

Strawberry Fields (Not Forever, Just For The Summer!)

Strawberries are in season. It is, in my not at all humble opinion, the only right time of year to eat them – whenever they are in season where/near where you live, that is.   Although the ones shipped from far away can still look pretty in mid-winter, they sadly tend to have no aroma, and with strawberries, aroma is everything.  If they don’t smell good, … Continue reading Strawberry Fields (Not Forever, Just For The Summer!)