Food Is Beautiful

People eat with more than just their mouth, and to fill more than just their stomach. Or, if they do not, I would ask myself why do they not, for it is for a reason that the words “to feast one’s eyes” are a common idiom even today. There is a reason why opulent cooking shows are far more popular today than can be accounted … Continue reading Food Is Beautiful

The Ranks Of The Frying Pans

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all frying pans are created equal…” Wait.  Actually, they aren’t.  And the magic of heat transfer which transforms limp cold meat into a sweet-smelling, aromatic, browning steak, does not work just because you snapped your fingers at a random frying pand and told it to cook. I am, vainly and happily, quite used to hearing how amazing … Continue reading The Ranks Of The Frying Pans