Eight Years Without Cheesecake

With Valentine’s Day just behind us, and everyone being overdosed on chocolate and rich desserts, the last thing you may want to be reading about may be the decadence that is NY-style cheesecake. Unless you are like me, that is, and have gone easy on the chocolate – or, unless you are like me, and the thought of proper, creamy, tender and oh-so-good real New … Continue reading Eight Years Without Cheesecake

Honey-Ginger Tea (for when you’ve got a cold or just feel under the weather)

Oh, October, how beautiful you are, bringing the harvest, my lovely favorite quinces, beautiful colored trees, and the sniffles to my boyfriend’s nose… oh wait, that part is not so nice.  At all. It’s also totally true that if you treat a cold, it goes away in a week, and if you don’t, it takes seven days.  However, no one ever said that said week … Continue reading Honey-Ginger Tea (for when you’ve got a cold or just feel under the weather)

Capturing The Scent Of Summer

It’s 8am and my hands smell of elderflower and lemon. Why?  Because it’s Midsummer, and it is both, traditional and opportune to go hunting for the short-blooming elderflowers, and capture the scent of summer. For the uninitiated, Midsummer is a major Swedish holiday celebrated the weekend after Summer Solstice (June 22nd).  It involves a lot of drinking, normally at summer houses or parks or anywhere, … Continue reading Capturing The Scent Of Summer