Recipe Test, Success, Sourdough!

Earlier today I’ve posted my current recipe (with some rather lengthy and detailed instructions) for Stockholm Sourdough bread, along with a promise to test it again later – so, the result of said test just came out of the oven. I’d say this is proof positive that the recipe does, indeed, work!  Currently it’s scenting the entire apartment to the point where though I am … Continue reading Recipe Test, Success, Sourdough!

Stockholm Sourdough 2.0

As those who have been reading this with any sort of regularity will know, I’ve been happily cultivating a sourdough starter and trying to learn how to bake real artisan-style naturally leavened (sourdough) bakery bread for several months. Moreover, I’ve been trying to perfect my sourdough recipe for everyday, standby bread that would go with most things and that T would absolutely love (it’s an … Continue reading Stockholm Sourdough 2.0