A Few Of My Favorite Things

I’ve been up since too early for consciousness.  I mean, I’ve been awake since about an hour before the sun bothered to peek up over the horizon.  I’ve consideried going back to bed. Why would anyone in their right mind do this (be up) if they didn’t have to?  Normally, I’d say they’d have to be out of their mind, but as it happens, T … Continue reading A Few Of My Favorite Things

The Art of Happiness

The morning dawned a perfect August day – none too hot, but warm, slightly breezy and with bright sunlight under the ridiculously blue Stockholm sky.  And, sitting in the view of an open balcony door with my huge mug of coffee (I ingest the holy-bean beverage in half-liter installments, including loads of full-fat milk), I came to think of how sometimes people do not appreciate … Continue reading The Art of Happiness

Of Food and Hospitality – In Social Context

That thing you do when you invite people over, suggesting there’ll be food? There is a reason it’s usually referred to as “entertaining”, regardless of whether any other entertainment is provided beyond the conversation expected to develop in-between the happy munching. I categorically disagree with the approach that entertainment (be it spiritual or intellectual) is more important than food eaten before or during said entertainment.  … Continue reading Of Food and Hospitality – In Social Context

All Measures Are Approximate (All Butter Is Real)

If you are reading this blog in a tense diet-rules-ridden worry about healthy eating and weight loss (I am all for the former for all – and for the latter, for the people who need it only), I have one word for you: relax.  There is nothing more likely to cause you stomach ulcers than stress – and getting those stressing over food issues is … Continue reading All Measures Are Approximate (All Butter Is Real)