Today’s Wild Mushroom Harvest

I love the autumnal colors of these! Ceps (porcini), the undisputed king of edible fungi (to me, anyway) – the Swedes even call it after one of their kings, karljohanssvamp, some of its relatives, and of course the gorgeous gold of the forest – chanterelles. Ramaria flava (aka changle or gul fingersvamp in Swedish) is both, edible and absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. Tomorrow, all or most … Continue reading Today’s Wild Mushroom Harvest

Gone Huntin’ (Red Pine Mushroom aka Saffron Milk Cap)

I love Sweden.  Have I mentioned that? I am sure I must have, and for many reasons, but today I mention it because of its clean environment, gorgeous untouched forest patches scattered throughout the capital city, and the fact that when you find one of these beauties not 50 meters from a bus stop, it’s quite safe to just pick it up, carry it home, … Continue reading Gone Huntin’ (Red Pine Mushroom aka Saffron Milk Cap)