Food Science is a Thing. That Exists.

Warning: rant with mature language follows. In the recent year, I have severely pissed off a few people, both in person and over the internet, even to the point of getting myself kicked out of a couple of Facebook groups of real-life significance (meaning: not just people I knew over the internet).  And you know what?  I am entirely ok with that. Why am I … Continue reading Food Science is a Thing. That Exists.

Mmmm!Eat! (Confessions of a happy carnivore.)

I make no secret of being a carnivore. I am, and have been for as long as I can recall, carnivorous – happily, and without qualms or ethical dilemmas.  I believe that humans are omnivores who are meant to have a good amount of meat in their diet.  If pressed about it, I’d rather give up chocolate than meat.  I also know that at least … Continue reading Mmmm!Eat! (Confessions of a happy carnivore.)

Supermarket Offer Email Outrage

I have received one such email last night, and being on a tighter budget this month, trustingly and curiously went to click through it. “Stock your cupboard for half price!” Great, that sounds fantastic – and I click the link to be taken to a page which details which products are actually included in this great pantry-stocking offer. I scroll through the page, and as I do so, a sense of dread slowly overtakes me: all the products on this “cupboard-stocking” offer are, in fact, cookies, biscuits and cheap chocolates in large packs! Continue reading Supermarket Offer Email Outrage