Saturday. Fruit Harvest. Dendrobiums in Season.

Good morning! Or, as it may happen, afternoon, wherever you are. So, as it happens (every week, I might add!), it is Saturday morning here in Stockholm, and we are being treated to a rather beautiful one, with occasional spots of sunlight and not yet near-zero temperatures.  It is those temperatures that permit, among other things, the happy prospect of dressing up in beautiful fall … Continue reading Saturday. Fruit Harvest. Dendrobiums in Season.

The Art of Happiness

The morning dawned a perfect August day – none too hot, but warm, slightly breezy and with bright sunlight under the ridiculously blue Stockholm sky.  And, sitting in the view of an open balcony door with my huge mug of coffee (I ingest the holy-bean beverage in half-liter installments, including loads of full-fat milk), I came to think of how sometimes people do not appreciate … Continue reading The Art of Happiness