Chicken Soup, Revisited

I know I have previously written about making stock and bone broth, but really, chicken soup deserves its own place of worship and praise in my gastronomic pantheon. I have felt under the weather for a couple of weeks now as Tobias and I have been recovering from a bout of bronchitis, while trying to move me in, unpack my things, put together new furniture … Continue reading Chicken Soup, Revisited

Mmmm!Eat! (Confessions of a happy carnivore.)

I make no secret of being a carnivore. I am, and have been for as long as I can recall, carnivorous – happily, and without qualms or ethical dilemmas.  I believe that humans are omnivores who are meant to have a good amount of meat in their diet.  If pressed about it, I’d rather give up chocolate than meat.  I also know that at least … Continue reading Mmmm!Eat! (Confessions of a happy carnivore.)

Grilled Duck Breast with Oriental Chili Sauce

My cooking style, when presented with options in terms of time and selection of raw materials, tends to run, almost regardless of season, to fusion-food styles, which are inspired by a variety of cuisines, ranging from rustic French and Italian to Southeast Asian, with anything and everything (provided it tastes good and can be combined well) in-between. Since the friend who visited the weekend before … Continue reading Grilled Duck Breast with Oriental Chili Sauce

The Ranks Of The Frying Pans

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all frying pans are created equal…” Wait.  Actually, they aren’t.  And the magic of heat transfer which transforms limp cold meat into a sweet-smelling, aromatic, browning steak, does not work just because you snapped your fingers at a random frying pand and told it to cook. I am, vainly and happily, quite used to hearing how amazing … Continue reading The Ranks Of The Frying Pans