Saturday Walk

Today the morning has dawned almost ridiculously sunny, with a few fluffy clouds here and there, and an early-autumn chill in the air that is very much encouraging for taking a long walk in town. So, today we will be visiting the Stockholm Haymarket (Hötorget), and possibly Essencefabriken, the old spice shop in the area. The historic haymarket is now an interesting place for buying unusual … Continue reading Saturday Walk

Infused Alcohol – For Whatever You Celebrate

It is early autumn, the days are getting ever so slightly chillier, and the light tends to fall a little aslant. I can feel the change of season in the air, and to me in terms of my kitchen, it means two things: I want to bake (an urge that I tend to resist except when have guests), and I know it is time to make infused … Continue reading Infused Alcohol – For Whatever You Celebrate