Food Science is a Thing. That Exists.

Warning: rant with mature language follows. In the recent year, I have severely pissed off a few people, both in person and over the internet, even to the point of getting myself kicked out of a couple of Facebook groups of real-life significance (meaning: not just people I knew over the internet).  And you know what?  I am entirely ok with that. Why am I … Continue reading Food Science is a Thing. That Exists.

The Bloggers Who “Like” Everything

Do you love it when people  comment on, and “like” your posts? I certainly do.  I think, most bloggers in their right mind do. (No, I am not talking to you Mr. or Ms. Introverted who are just happy all alone with your blog, if you like it that way, that, too, is totally fine – just, you know, don’t feel upset if I read … Continue reading The Bloggers Who “Like” Everything

Beware Of “Writers” Bearing Free Content

Today’s post is not at all about food. Instead, the theme of today’s post is: “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes“. Or, in other words, you get what you pay for – and you definitely should look a gift horse in the mouth.  You know, especially if it’s a free horse that someone you don’t know attempts to hand to you out of the goodness of … Continue reading Beware Of “Writers” Bearing Free Content

Carnivorous Plants, Omnivorous Thoughts

Day before yesterday, the boyfriend and I visited Gothenburg.  Gothenburg is a very nice city on the West coast of Sweden, and we were there to see our friends, go to the dissertation defense party, and while we were there, we also took the time to visit the Gothenburg Botanical Garden.  (Very, very recommended if you are interested in botany, conservation, or just like to … Continue reading Carnivorous Plants, Omnivorous Thoughts