Two-Fifths Sourdough Rye, and Some Baking Myths

This week, winter has finally and properly come to Stockholm. We have -15C in daytime, sparkling white snow everywhere – it only really sparkles when the temperature outside is way below 0C – and the city is bright and beautiful and inviting to wander out and around in, now that there is no more horrible wet and dark November muck that lasted entirely too long … Continue reading Two-Fifths Sourdough Rye, and Some Baking Myths

Supermarket Offer Email Outrage

I have received one such email last night, and being on a tighter budget this month, trustingly and curiously went to click through it. “Stock your cupboard for half price!” Great, that sounds fantastic – and I click the link to be taken to a page which details which products are actually included in this great pantry-stocking offer. I scroll through the page, and as I do so, a sense of dread slowly overtakes me: all the products on this “cupboard-stocking” offer are, in fact, cookies, biscuits and cheap chocolates in large packs! Continue reading Supermarket Offer Email Outrage

Cinnamon and Cassia: The Unpublicized Story

We all know cinnamon—the familiar sweet and spicy smell, associated, at least for the Northerners, with the winter holidays and all the lovely pastry confections we so love to eat. Or well, at least I do, but that’s not saying much, seeing how my view on food is best expressed as a paraphrase of the old proverb: all foods are good except the bad ones. … Continue reading Cinnamon and Cassia: The Unpublicized Story

You have got to be kidding me!

My first exposure to the new fad of fruit and vegetable allergies came, surprisingly enough, not through the food industry publications I normally read, but having stumbled across “Peas” listed in the food intolerance section on a specification for a product that I was writing. My first reaction, after typing “No” in the “Contains” column on autopilot was – “You’ve got to be kidding me!  … Continue reading You have got to be kidding me!