Recipe Test, Success, Sourdough!

Earlier today I’ve posted my current recipe (with some rather lengthy and detailed instructions) for Stockholm Sourdough bread, along with a promise to test it again later – so, the result of said test just came out of the oven. I’d say this is proof positive that the recipe does, indeed, work!  Currently it’s scenting the entire apartment to the point where though I am … Continue reading Recipe Test, Success, Sourdough!

Tian d’aubergines (also known as Provencal Aubergine Gratin)

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, I love aubergines. To make the long story short, I love them because they are pretty, because they are healthy and good for you, and because frankly, cooked properly they have one of the most amazing savory flavors ever, all on their own.  And I’m not even a vegetarian!  I mean… I am a carnivore, really, but aubergines … Continue reading Tian d’aubergines (also known as Provencal Aubergine Gratin)