Food Science is a Thing. That Exists.

Warning: rant with mature language follows. In the recent year, I have severely pissed off a few people, both in person and over the internet, even to the point of getting myself kicked out of a couple of Facebook groups of real-life significance (meaning: not just people I knew over the internet).  And you know what?  I am entirely ok with that. Why am I … Continue reading Food Science is a Thing. That Exists.

Of Food Scares and Fads

I have a pet hate to do with food and media. Why food?  Because I love food.  Why media?  Because media sells itself by sensationalism, and when they apply this to food, I hate the inevitable result. The reasoning here is simple and unambiguous:  you can’t make headlines by telling people what they already know – say, that a pile of green veggies is good … Continue reading Of Food Scares and Fads