Saturday Walk

Today the morning has dawned almost ridiculously sunny, with a few fluffy clouds here and there, and an early-autumn chill in the air that is very much encouraging for taking a long walk in town. So, today we will be visiting the Stockholm Haymarket (Hötorget), and possibly Essencefabriken, the old spice shop in the area. The historic haymarket is now an interesting place for buying unusual … Continue reading Saturday Walk

The Art of Happiness

The morning dawned a perfect August day – none too hot, but warm, slightly breezy and with bright sunlight under the ridiculously blue Stockholm sky.  And, sitting in the view of an open balcony door with my huge mug of coffee (I ingest the holy-bean beverage in half-liter installments, including loads of full-fat milk), I came to think of how sometimes people do not appreciate … Continue reading The Art of Happiness

My Ten (and more) Most Favourite Places To Eat Around The World (2011 Edition)

My brother and I both have restless feet.  No, not the medical condition by that name – more the fact that though we’re both rather young, we’ve gotten around the world, each in our own way.  We laugh about it, because while he tends to travel as much as his free time permits him and backpacks through whatever disreputable Burmese jungle or Peruvian demonstrations he … Continue reading My Ten (and more) Most Favourite Places To Eat Around The World (2011 Edition)

Stockholm, Sweden. Snow

I have arrived in Stockholm two days ago to be greeted by metres-high snow piles on street corners, a blanket of sparkling white everywhere, and twinkling snowflakes falling slowly onto my hat (and nose) through the dark air. Somehow, while in England the snow felt like a disaster and bad weather, here it feels different – appropriate and right: this is what winter looks like.  … Continue reading Stockholm, Sweden. Snow