Utterly Decadent Equinox Cheesecake

  Happy Spring Equinox, everyone!  Not sure where you are in the world, but for me here, it means two things.  One, it’s within a couple of days of my birthday, so I feel festive and happy and energetically eat everything delicious in sight, and two, the sunlight has been returning noticeably for the past few weeks, the snow has been melting, and I saw … Continue reading Utterly Decadent Equinox Cheesecake

Two-Ingredient, Five-Minute Ice Cream

WARNING:  This post contains information that will come perilously close to ruining your relationship with your jeans.  And/or the mirror.  Read at your own risk! Anyone who knows me, knows that of all sweets, ice cream is the one I have least resistance for.  Which, as it happens, does not at all mean that I’ll eat any sort of bad ice cream whenever.  Oh no.  … Continue reading Two-Ingredient, Five-Minute Ice Cream

White Chocolate Fudge – With or Without Mix-Ins

To me, winter is the season of fudgemancery. Among other things, of course – there is a lot more to winter than fudge.  It is more that fudge is so much more of a winter dessert than one for the rest of the year – I neither crave its rich sweetness when it is hot out, nor do I want to deal with the heat … Continue reading White Chocolate Fudge – With or Without Mix-Ins