Warm Sesame-Scallion Soba with Pan-Fried Aubergine

The day before yesterday we have wondered around town with our jackets off, enjoying sunshine and the two markets that happened concurrently within walking distance of each other – the Medieval Market at Toivolan Vanha Piha and the Harvest Market at the harbor area.  The leaves had just started to turn, the sky was blue, and it felt like early autumn. Only a day later, … Continue reading Warm Sesame-Scallion Soba with Pan-Fried Aubergine

Carnivorous Plants, Omnivorous Thoughts

Day before yesterday, the boyfriend and I visited Gothenburg.  Gothenburg is a very nice city on the West coast of Sweden, and we were there to see our friends, go to the dissertation defense party, and while we were there, we also took the time to visit the Gothenburg Botanical Garden.  (Very, very recommended if you are interested in botany, conservation, or just like to … Continue reading Carnivorous Plants, Omnivorous Thoughts