Rain, Finally

The past two days are the first really cool and rainy occasion here in Seljord since the snow has melted in April. There was one other day which I remember between then and now when it rained, but it had failed to cool the air or moisten the ground sufficiently before the relapse of the dry spell. This summer, Norway has had its worst drought … Continue reading Rain, Finally

Saturday. Fruit Harvest. Dendrobiums in Season.

Good morning! Or, as it may happen, afternoon, wherever you are. So, as it happens (every week, I might add!), it is Saturday morning here in Stockholm, and we are being treated to a rather beautiful one, with occasional spots of sunlight and not yet near-zero temperatures.  It is those temperatures that permit, among other things, the happy prospect of dressing up in beautiful fall … Continue reading Saturday. Fruit Harvest. Dendrobiums in Season.